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Ryan Jacob founded Jacob Asset Management in 1999 with the goal of identifying unique, exciting, and enduring companies with the potential to drive significant growth for the global economy and Jacob's investors. More than twenty years later, Jacob Asset Management continues to pursue this goal and invest in forward-thinking companies during their early stages.

We follow the same disciplined investment process in our ETF as in our three mutual funds. Visit Jacob Mutual Funds to learn more. 
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CEO, CIO & Portfolio Manager

Ryan Jacob is the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Jacob Asset Management, which he founded in 1999. He guides the investment team in developing financial models, conducting market research and selecting stocks. Ryan is the Chief Portfolio Manager for Jacob Forward ETF since inception in 2021. He also is the Chief Portfolio Manager for Jacob Internet Fund and Jacob Small Cap Growth Fund since both Funds’ inceptions in 1999 and 2010, respectively.

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Portfolio Manager & Director of Research

Darren Chervitz serves as the Chief Portfolio Manager of Jacob Discovery Fund as well as Co-Portfolio Manager of Jacob Forward ETF, Jacob Internet Fund, and Jacob Small Cap Growth Fund. He joined Jacob Asset Management shortly after the firm was founded in 1999.

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Equity Analyst

Hayden Cook is an equity analyst at Jacob Asset Management. A member of the investment team, Hayden identifies value for its portfolios and is responsible for sourcing and evaluating investment opportunities. Before joining Jacob Asset Management in 2013, Hayden worked with several financial planning and asset management firms, including UBS and Western Asset Management, where he gained experience in marketing, business development, web management, and strategic portfolio allocation.

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Ryan Jacob -
We look for companies that we believe are leaders, with what we feel are innovative, ‘game-changing’ ideas or enduring franchise value with broad appeal, to provide you with potential opportunities for long-term growth.
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Darren Chervitz -
We are committed in our goal to find under-researched, underappreciated smaller companies with significant growth potential.
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