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We thrive on discovering unique, exciting, and enduring companies with the potential to create significant value for both the global economy and our investors.

Jacob Forward ETF's goal is to generate above-average returns by identifying and investing in innovative, early-stage companies that can leverage technology to create competitive advantages and generate superior growth.

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How to Invest in the Jacob Forward ETF

Jacob Forward ETF trades intraday on an exchange. Investing in full or fractional shares is as simple as searching for our ticker, JFWD, within your brokerage account.

You can invest using Robinhood, Interactive Brokers, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, ETrade, or Sofi, or talk to your financial advisor.


Forward Thinking, Future Focused.

Innovation is the engine of tomorrow. We see the world of healthcare and technology as the next great adventure,changing every day, advancing science and the global economy.

Jacob Forward ETF gives you the potential to be a part of this exciting quest to the future.

Built on Jacob's investment team's expertise in the tech space, the Fund:

    • Invests in what we believe are innovative, "forward thinking," early-stage companies, primarily in healthcare and technology
    • Offers potential for significant long-term growth opportunities for investors
    • Takes advantage of more than two decades of our investment team's expertise assessing a company's core business and potential for growth

Innovative. Progressive. Jacob Forward ETF.
Invest today JFWD.

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